Museum Tour

#1: The Dawsonville History Museum

Dawsonville was founded in 1857 as seat of the newly formed Dawson County, incorporated as a town in 1859 and as a city in 1952 and named for state senator William Crosby Dawson (1798 –1856). Even though Dawson was born and died in Greensboro, Ga., the county and city were named in his honor for distinguished service as a soldier, lawyer, judge and politician.


#3: Wise Brother Special #77

Herman Wise was born in North Carolina but moved to Northeast Georgia in the late 40’s when his father died, and his mother took a teaching Job at Toccoa Falls Bible School. Herman was drawn to racing like a moth to a flame, Before long he was working his way up the ladder on the short tracks across the south.

#5: The Phil Bonder Thunderbolt on Display

This 1964 Al Means Ford Thunderbolt is owned by Preston Bonner of Atlanta, GA. This is one of the first eleven Thunderbolts built at Dearborn Steel Tubing. It has a 427 CID (7..OL) V8 engine, Dual Holley four-barrel carburetors, Borg- Warren T-10 aluminum four-speed transmission and fiberglass doors.

#7: The Heritage Room

As you enter the heritage room today pay close attention to our state emblem on the floor showcasing each historic racetrack throughout the state of Georgia. Also, the Totem Pole in the center of the room shows the distance of each Georgia racetrack from the museum.

#9: The Elliott Family Room

When Erving George Elliott Jr. and Mildred Reece Elliott married in 1943, they had no idea they would become the patriarchs of one of NASCAR’s most iconic racing families.

#11: Mike Rich

#13: The Georgia Racing Hall of Fame

#15: Tammy Jo Kirk

#17: Billy Ballew

#19: Biddle Ridley

#21: Ernie Elliott Motor Dyno Room

From the earliest days of the Elliott family’s No. 9 Ford, when the cars were hand-me-down and the funding limited, Ernie Elliott was laser focused on building the team into a winner.

#23: Atlanta Motor Speedway

Few who saw Atlanta Motor Speedway in its infancy would recognize the track today. Located just south of Atlanta on 850 majestic acres in Hampton, Ga., today's Atlanta Motor Speedway is one of the country's premier sports and entertainment facilities.

#25: Ronnie Sanders

#27: Jimmy Arnold

#29: Bruce Brantley

Bruce Brantley, at the age of 16, while attending Chamblee High School, got a job at a local service station and drove a wrecker at night, saving up enough money, he eventually bought his first car. A 1940 Ford.

#31: Spencer Davis

#33: Jack Smith

Jack was born in Illinois but his family moved to Georgia when he was two-years-old. For the next 35 years Georgia was home.

#35: Lloyd Seay

#37: Jimmy Mosteller and Captain Herb Library

#39: Dawsonville Chamber of Commerce