Nomination Criteria

General Criteria

Nominees must exemplify the highest standards of sportsmanship, ethical and moral character.

The categories of driver, owner, crew chief/mechanic and major contributor are included on the nomination form for expediency in understanding the primary area in which an individual is to be considered for their achievements to Georgia’s racing heritage. The grouping is for screening purposes only and to assist those making the nomination in understanding the type of information required. Once nominees are inducted, they are not categorized, but all are recognized as members of the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame.

To further explain, drivers would have distinguished themselves through professional competition at the highest levels of their participation. Owners would have completed an outstanding record of wins and championships and been a major force or influence in the career of a driver or mechanic. Crew chief/mechanic would be instrumental in achieving championships, records, or accomplishments. The major contributor category is for individuals who have owned or operated a racetrack or been an official, member of the sports media, or an inventor who has made contributions to motorsports in Georgia in some capacity other than those previously mentioned.

All candidates will be judged on their significant and/or long term contributions to motorsports in Georgia. While many have served the state and local areas over a long and distinguished career, to be considered, their accomplishments must have been worthy of a regional recognition. Longevity, without meaningful regional impact, does not constitute appropriate credential for Hall of Fame consideration.

Nominees for the Hall of Fame will either be 1) Approved and sent on to the Induction Committees, 2) Put on “Hold” or 3) Placed in the “inactive” category. The “Holding for Future Consideration” category means a nominee may be considered again for induction and that additional information and supportive material is required before future consideration. “Inactive” indicates that the nominee no longer will be considered for Hall of Fame induction until re-nominated. A one-year waiting period is required before re-nomination.