Nominations to the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame (GRHOF)

The nominations of individuals for induction are very important to the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame. Please read the following carefully to ensure that you provide enough information to facilitate the review process and comply with selection guidelines.


To preserve the racing heritage in both the state and region.
To honor those, living or dead, who by achievement have produced lasting contributions to Georgia’s racing heritage.
To inspire Georgia youth involved in racing to reach their highest potential.


Eligibility for induction is extended to any person who has driven, piloted, owned, designed, built, supported, maintained, prepared or promoted motorized vehicles in pursuit of speed, distance or other records. Inductees are characterized by their desire to win, mastery of their field and the courage to innovate and:

Been born in Georgia and lived in the state for a reasonable period of time,
Participated in and made a major contribution to motorsports in Georgia and the U.S.,
Brought honor to the state of Georgia through his/her endeavors,
May be living or deceased,
Participated in motorsports for a minimum of five (5) years.

(GRHOF Board of Directors may waive eligibility criteria, if approved by a minimum of ninety percent (90%) of the Board Members)

Automatic Eligibility: Any individual, living in Georgia and has competed or made a major contribution to motorsport in the state and U.S., having won or was directly involved in achieving a world record or nationally sanctioned championship, is automatically eligible for review and will be considered a living legend.


Driver: In addition to the eligibility criteria, a driver being nominated must have:

Distinguished themselves through professional competition at the highest levels of their participation and, as a result, brought lasting glory and recognition to themselves and Georgia through their achievements.
Been inactive for a minimum of five (5) years. In the event an active driver, who has passed all eligibility requirements, is fatally injured in competition, that driver can and may be inducted in that same year or any year thereafter.

Owner: In addition to the eligibility criteria, an owner being nominated must have:

Owned a team for a minimum of five (5) years and inactive for a five (5) years.
Completed an outstanding record of wins and championships.
Been a major force or influence in the career of a driver or mechanic.

Crew Chief/Mechanic: In addition to the eligibility criteria, a crew chief/mechanic being nominated must have:
Been instrumental in achieving championships, records or accomplishments above and beyond the duties and responsibilities thereof.

Major Contributor: In addition to the eligibility criteria, a major contributor being nominated must have:
Owned or operated a racetrack for at least ten (10) years.
Been an official, member of the sports media, inventor or an individual, who played vital and integral roles in the development and advancement of motorsports in Georgia and U.S., through various administrative, promotional or other influential capacities for at least fifteen (15) years.

*Members of Thunder Road USA, Georgia Racing Hall of Fame, and its active committee members are ineligible for induction during their appointment.


Any fan, citizen, group or organization may nominate an individual for induction into the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame. Nominees must be, but are not limited to a: driver, owner, crew chief/mechanic or major contributor to the sport.

The induction committees, through a review and multiple-balloting process, select up to eight (8) inductees into the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame annual induction class. This process involves many steps, but it starts with informed people like you, who help discover worthy people for induction into the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame. To be included on the ballot, a person must be nominated by a member of the Induction Committee.

Please submit the information listed below to have the Induction Committees consider your nomination.

Nomination Process: The nomination packet must include:

A completed nomination form with all supporting documentation.

A one-page letter of support from the person making the nomination.

A biography, explaining the candidate’s contributions to Georgia’s motorsport heritage.

Relevant details, statistics or informative data concerning a nominee’s accomplishments.

Up to six (6) significant photos.

**Nomination forms and supporting materials must be submitted to

the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame nomination committee during

the period beginning in October through April 15th.

All materials, submitted for consideration of candidates, become the property of the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame.

All persons nominated are presented to the appropriate screening Committees for review. Information on potential nominees is collected and stored for annual screening by independent nominating committees.

The committees, after careful consideration, present their recommendations to the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame Board of Directors, who certify the list of inductees. We need detailed information and supporting documentation to help the committees in their review, and the staff in their preparation of the annual group of inductees.

Nomination forms will remain on file for five (5) years from the date they are received. If not inducted during that period, names must be resubmitted for further consideration.

Mail nomination packets to:

c/o Hall of Fame Nominating Committee
P. O. Box 1561
Dawsonville, Georgia 30534